• BoMed Inc. posesses expertise in the TEB Technology (Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance Technology), sometimes called the IPG (Impedance Cardiography) and modern hemodynamic management of patients, both implemented in the HOTMAN System (Hemodynamic and Oxygen Transport Monitoring and Management System).
  • The Company also provides consulting services to medical and pharmacological companies and to health care organizations, physicians' groups and offices to implement modern hemodynamic management in their corporate philosophy and products. This new management methodology replaces current trial-and-error patient management with a straight-line, normohemodynamic goal-oriented therapy. As a result, it shortens the duration of therapy and dramatically improves outcomes, especially in treatment of hypertension, and improves the quality of life in aging population. At the same time, this approach significantly reduces the number of expensive cardio- and vasoactive drugs needed to treat hemodynamic disorders. With all these factors combined, the new hemodynamic management methodology profoundly reduces the cardiovascular health care cost.
  • BoMed offers medical textbooks related to biomechanics of the cardiovascular system, modern hemodynamics and hemodynamic management and the tools for hemodynamic management.
  • The Company was founded by B. Bo Sramek, Ph.D., a leading authority on TEB Technology and the inventor of novel and patented concepts of per-beat hemodynamics and hemodynamic management.



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Editors B. Bo Sramek, J. Valenta, F. Klimes

B. Bo Sramek:

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