Key Person


     B. Bo Sramek, Ph.D., the President of BoMed, defected from the communist Czechoslovakia to the US in 1964. There, he worked as a computer scientist at the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences - The Research Institute of Mathematical Machines. In the US, after working for several computer companies in Arizona and California, he transferred his electronics and computer knowledge into the medical field. In the 80's, he became a major contributor in development of the technology of Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance (TEB), sometimes called the Impedance Cardiography (ICG), into a clinically accurate and acceptable technology for continuous, noninvasive measurement of global blood flow (Cardiac Output and Stroke Volume) and the left-ventricular performance parameters. His technology contributions were done at a company he founded in 1980 and which became CardioDynamics Int'l Corporation (CDIC), in 1993.

     Dr. Sramek received his Ph.D. in Bionics in 1991.

     After leaving CDIC in 1993, Dr. Sramek switched his scope of interest from the TEB technology development into cardiovascular physiology research. His primary specialty became the biomechanics of the cardiovascular system and, specifically, the systemic hemodynamics and oxygen transport dynamics. He has formulated the novel, revolutionary concepts of per-beat hemodynamics and hemodynamic management

      In 1994, he founded HEMO SAPIENS INC. - a company that developed the noninvasive PC-based systems for noninvasive hemodynamic and oxygen transport assessment, monitoring, management and modeling (HOTMAN System) - and stayed as its President till sale of the Company in 2008.

      In 1994, Dr. Sramek also founded the International Hemodynamic Society, and has been its Honorary Chairman. He became the Visiting Professor of Biomechanics at the Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic in 1995 and is a co-editor of a medical and biomedical engineering textbook "Biomechanics of the Cardiovascular System." In 2000, he authored the medical textbook "Systemic Hemodynamics and Hemodynamic Management."

      He founded BoMed Inc. in 2009.

      Dr. Sramek lectures at medical conferences around the world.