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HOTMAN System: Hemodynamic Management Page

This screen is displayed on all HOTMAN Systems, independent if "All Noninvasive Measurement" or "Invasive Data Available" mode was selected

The data on the screen below correspond to the All Noninvasive example in the Monitoring Page

This patient's 53% hypertension @ 98% hypodynamic state is produced by the following causes: a 25% hypervolemia, 51% hypoinotropy, 209% vasoconstiction and 58% hypochronotropy.
Please note, this Hemodynamic Management screen corresponds to the Monitoring Page

While the Monitoring Page provides information which parameters are within a normal range and which are not, the Hemodynamic Management Screen (above) provides the information why are some of the hemodynamic parameters outside of their normal ranges.

Information on this Screen consists of four parts:

Obviously, the listed deviations in hemodynamic modulators (the causes of the observed abnormal hemodynamic state) provide therapeutic guideline for the clinician as to administer such therapy which will result in normovolemia, normoinotropy, normovasoactivity and normochronotropy. Only such patient can become normotensive and normodynamic and be in normoperfusion state: