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TEBCO Module

TEBCO (Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance Cardiac Output)

The cornerstone of the TEBCO Module is the PC-compatible printed circuit board 5.5" x 9.1" x 0.6" (140 x 231 x 15.2 mm)

To find more about the Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance technology, go to TEB Basics and References

TEBCO measures continuously and noninvasively 10 cardiodynamic parameters:

Cardiac Index [CI], Heart Rate [HR], Stroke Index [SI], Ejection Phase Contractility Index [EPCI], Inotropic State Index [ISI], Ejection Fraction estimate [EF], Ventricular Ejection Time [VET], Pre-Ejection Period [PEP], Thoracic Fluids Conductivity [TFC] and Respiratory Rate [RR].

TEBCO employs all-digital data processing for both ECG and TEB signals.

TEBCO's patient interface is 8 solid-gel disposable electrodes placed on neck & thorax:

Four digitized analog signals (ECG, dZ/dt, DeltaZ and rate of respiration) and digital data of the 10 parameters listed above are transmitted from TEBCO to the host system via an optoisolated USB port in packets every 20 msec @ 9600 baud (please note that some of these parameters are not utilized/displayed by the HOTMAN System).

TEBCO's TEB measurement current is only 7µA (= 0.007 mA) @ 65 kHz, which is two to three decimal orders of magnitude lower than any other TEB product currently on the market.

If you want to get familiar with hemodynamics, the hierarchy of hemodynamic modulation and the importance of TEBCO-measured parameters, go to Hemodynamics in a Nutshell

Since TEBCO exhibits the same clinical accuracy for measurement of cardiac output as the highly invasive, expensive and risky Thermodilution catheter, it may become a noninvasive alternative to this method in many clinical applications.

Use of TEBCO to measure cardiac output noninvasively can result in significant savings when compared to the invasive thermodilution catheter and in significantly better economics in comparison to other TEB/ICG products..

Click here if you want to view TEBCO Specifications.

TEBCO has received the 510(k) marketing clearance from the FDA.