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TEBCO Module

TEBCO Module is a rectangular printed circuit board (PCB) - se pictures below - with the following dimensions: 5.5" x 9.1" x 0.6" (140 x 231 x 15.2 mm).

This hardware configuration is depicted here:

TEBCO PCB with USB communication (jumpers J7 and J9 are populated and USB communication circuitry - U25- is installed). Communication with the host system is via the serial USB communication port (U25). The PCB is powered through the J5A connector (+5VDC @ 0.60A). Presence of power is indicated by green LED (D26). Patient cable plugs into the J3 connector. Please note this hardware version has a higher price.


TEBCO Module is powered from an external power source of +5 VDC, connected to the third connector from the left, marked DC Power Connector 5VDC @ 0.60 A. Center pin of this connector is + (plus). Green LED, marked DC Power LED, indicates presence of DC power.

The patient is connected via a patient cable (pictured below), which plugs into the patient connector (bottom right-hand coner of the PCB)
Patient Cable Assembly: